Spotify Playlists for Days

Ready to find some new music or just listen to songs you love? I got you covered with tons of playlists matching all sorts of tastes.


112 Hours of Popular Songs You Know – Lots of famous artists like Queen, ABBA, Elton John, Robbie Williams and more.

Star-Lord’s Zune – 300 Feel good songs from before 2008 (Zune’s death).

Floating in Space – 10+ hours of dreamy, atmospheric songs including r&b, jazz, alternative, indie rock, and more.

Synthwave Sounds – 30 hours of Stranger Things inspired playlist of synthwave and retrowave 80’s songs.

Chill EDM – 11 hours of chill EDM.

Chill Electronic Music 2019 – 64 songs of melodic electronic music with vocals.

Anime Beats – 80 songs fro 90’s and 00’s Anime.

WonkoFM – 500+ rock songs from the past 60 years.

Guitar Hero: The Megamix – 652 songs, 45 hrs 45 mins. Every song from the Guitar Hero games.

Reddit’s not all metal is insane screaming playlist – 500+ songs of Reddit’s favorite metal music.

Woodstock 1969 – 271 songs in order they were played at the original Woodstock in 1969.

Obama’s 2016 Summer Day and Night Playlists – 20 songs in each playlist. Also, thanks Obama.

City Pop – 65 80’s styled Japanese tracks.

CyberWave – Synthwave meets Cyberpunk – 272 songs in a Cyperpunk 2077 inspired playlist.

Indie Pop & Rock Fresh Finds 2020 – 72 songs from relatively unknown artists.

Beyond Hans Zimmer – 500+ songs of grandiose orchestral music.

Ska Punk Party Monsters – 289 ska and punk bangers.

Chiptunes – 40 Gameboy/Nintendo inspired songs.