Free Browser Games to Play with Friends

Yeah. I’m fucking missing my friends. So let’s play online games together. Here’s a list of games you can play with your friends for free. (multiplayer) – Collect blobs, get bigger, eat smaller players while avoiding larger ones.

Cards Against Humanity (1-6 players) – It’s a shit time. Be shitty and laugh.

Chess – Play Chess online.

Codewords (2-3 teams) – Team game where you need to get your team to guess your words before the other team guesses theirs.

Go (2 players) – Play the classic game, go.

Internet Scrabble Club – Play scrabble online. Servers seem a bit overloaded. (up to 12 players) – Pictionary you can play with friends.

Settlers of Catan (1-4 players) – collect resources, collect points. (multiplayer) – Eat dots, get bigger, cut off other snakes.

Spendee (1-4 players) – Splendor clone. Collect gems to increase your buying power. Race to collect 15 or 21 points to win. (multiplayer) – Simple browser based shooter.